Born in 1970 in Loire department in France, I spent my youth in Saint-Etienne, charming city nestled at the foot of the verdant settings that are the Pilat, the Velay and the Forez.

I am now based in Lyon, which is not always easy when the heart continues to beat in Green :-)

I was around 15 years when was born my interest in photography, time when I bought my first Canon SLR. Since that time, the passion has never waned.

I take mostly portraits of my family, and landscape taken during my various travels. I also realize more personal photos during walks in the city or in nature, or with my photo club. Many trial and error, but still achieved a great pleasure.

Over the years and equipment changes, I finally switched to digital, with its great educational value (immediate visualization of the result, storage of technical datas,...) that allow to understand and learn more easily.

Through my pictures, I just want to share Ā«moments of lifeĀ».

The photos of this site are licensed under Creative Commons Creative Commons. Thanks contact me before using.